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Starters package with 200 paintballs – 20.- EUR Paintball Eestis
Starters package with 500 paintballs – 26.- EUR

Additional paitballs on the field: 100 paintballs 3,50.- EUR 200 paintballs 7.- EUR

The startes package price includes as follows

According to the starters package the amount of paintballs (200 or 500). Equipment : gloves, overalls, a hat, a mask, a paintball marker (including loader\hopper and air-tank). We also take pictures of the games, excluding the instances where the camera got damaged in the earlier games.


Be sure to ask incentives for groups with over 10 people or for enterprises\businesses.


The group must consist at least of 6 people. From ages between 11-12 (with parents allowance)

Different Ways to Play

Stag nights, corporate summer and winter festivals, corporate training, birthdays, friendship matches, competitions and formats chosen by you.

How to pay?

Payment can be done on the field by cash or with a credit\debit card. There is also the possibility to pay by invoice.

NastyDogWhen I can't get together a group myself?

At Sundays we play with our club members\friends. You are welcome to join us at all times. You can get more information on our website: under “mängud” and also on our facebook page.

Gift cards? NastyDog kinkekaart

We also have gift cards in different price ranges.

How long will it take to play paintball?

We don't set a time limit, but on average the games will take 3 hours all together.

Is it seasonal? Can we play all round the year?

Yes you can play all around the year. We organize games not dependant on the weather.

Field (choice)

If you yourself own a field or place to play painball or have the rights to use such a place, we will come there and organize the games there.

Kaspar Taimsoo